Novelty Toast Bistro (Single)

by Kilroy and the Dangerbots

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verse one hey now there's some place i gotta go (you gotta go?) i said there's some place i gotta go (you gotta go?) oh ya there's some place i gotta go (i think i know) i gotta go to the novelty toast bistro (you gotta go to the novelty toast bistro) donuts are old school, fro-yo's in the past we all knew that cupcake craze would never last if you want a taste treat or a flavor blast you get that slightly burned and buttered bread brother and fast with cinnamon and sugar, with salt and butter topped with sweet cream straight from the udder here's my frequent toaster card, better punch it brother cause tastin that toast is just like taking a lover try the saffron-infused honey butter on rye their south of the border toast (ha!) will make you cry if you want toast date then I'm your guy we’ll be on a week long toasty buttered bread high, cause chorus coffee clowns brag about their roastin microbrewers are drinkin and boastin but they aren’t the ones that are bringin most in we’re all at the bistro takin the toast in verse two hey man I'm taking out my lady tonight (out tonight?) you know i gotta take her somewhere real nice (ok that's tight) that’s why I'm taking out my lady tonight (out tonight) to the novelty toast bistro, that's right (to the novelty toast bistro, that's right) i got a hot date so i put on somethin pretty take the red line and meet the missus in the city we're walking and talking and singing a ditty cause the thought of what's comin’s straight up making us giddy we're strolling straight past the bakery, past the sweet shop don't care about that dairy with its milky slop i'm askin pretty pretty please with powdered sugar on the top for that toast that i take to like a donut to a cop a couple of hours and even more crumbs after the roasty toasty air is soakin up our laughter our fingers touch reaching for the the butter knife and then we know we’ll be toastin together for life, cause verse three you know I've been up and down this coast (this whole coast?) oh yes I've been up and down this coast (oh, the coast) and there is one place i love the most (you love the most) it’s that cooky bistro with the novelty toast yeah they got blood orange compote atop pumpernickel truffle toast with sun-dried figs and a pickle double decker french with ganache in the middle sprinkled with sugar and a coca-mocha drizzle pretzel toast, toffee toast, waffle toast, falafel toast smothered toast, dry toast, rye toast, chai toast sesame spiced, and on a bed of rice toast naughty or nice toast, a deal at any price toast baptize me in butter, and sprinkle my grave with the crumbs of every piece of toast that gave it's warm and soft crunch to my mouth and my brain i’d give up the ghost for that toast, praise grain © 2019 J. Clark Gardner
You Know Me 03:07
verse one I look up like an elephant tamer I know each exit, got four disclaimers I’ll give you more outs than is done in the majors want Donuts? I'll take four glazers Straight no chaser, i’m still in danger Wrote her that note but I didn’t date her Sculpted a mermaid but then mislaid her Don’t go wade, you’ll get ate by a gator chorus one You know me… always in it for the fun, not the money, not the sugar, not the honey but the sun You know me… we got the steaks, the puddings, the housewares, burgers and bakes Get your cart and start loadin’ it down The wheels all squeal when you push it round Price check rice Chex on the radio Kilroy on the intercom lettin ya know When the blue light flashes it’s all go verse two I'm like what's it? The whole enchilada Keep swinging sucker I'm a flippin piñata takin a beating while I'm sweatin nada Crack my back open, you can take the lot, I'm A vegan piranha, studyin pharma Spitting out karma as far as a llama You got a lotta coupons you'll save even more But keep that receipt, Imma check it at the door chorus two You know me… I got the hi score Ya jump a couple barrels and I'm jumpin even more You know me… I got in all in stock The giblets, riblets, ham and hocks Pack your basket and go to town The fruit’s all fresh and the coffee’s ground Price check rice Chex on the radio Kilroy on the intercom lettin ya know When the blue light flashes it’s all go verse three Always on like the carnival lights Like a plastic knight, like a fish in flight, Like a backlot cleanser locked in tight Scannin for signs at the end of the night Flashing my light as I search aisle two My well trained eye sees somethin new I scratch and I sniff and uncover the clue It was Kilroy…. in the parlor.. with the crew chorus three You know me… I'm the salt on the rim You ask for the manager they say it's him You know me… I ship it all for free Quality’s my priority Pull your list out and get your wares A pair of eclairs and some Anjou pears Price check rice Chex on the radio Kilroy on the intercom lettin ya know When the blue light flashes it’s all go © 2019 J. Clark Gardner


released June 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Kilroy and the Dangerbots Boston, Massachusetts

I'm amateur musician Kilroy. I use a proprietary blend of vintage samples, catchy beats, and clever wordplay to create my sonic offerings.

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